derek hale being absolutely gorgeous in 4x04  


Guitar Hero | Source


My friend had a birthday party and it was one of the few times my firends were almost all there and i just wanted to capture it somehow, because the group was…well, pretty much falling apart. There’s a great photographer in our group but somehow, i didn’t want only photos. And videos are great,…

Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave but never our hearts.


By Klaudia


Full on Sterek kiss!! Scott McCall approves. Fangirl moment of my life. Thank you both for allowing this to be captured #metrocon #metrocon2014 #sterek #stiles #derek #scott #stilesstilinski #derekhale #scottmccall #cosplay


(a very confused by the familiar scent) bb!derek in stiles’ shirt.


My sketch for The Walls Are Breathing In (chapter 5) by Beth 

I wasn’t really going to draw for this chapter but then THAT KISS happened and Beth killed me… and I just had to draw something, even if it’s just this ^^;


I watched TW today after a long break because of work

Now it’s eating my brain. Also Sterek. And fluff. ‘Cause fluff is awesome. I want more fluff in my life.

Reference - again - is quite obvious. 


“I got you.”